Thursday, January 28, 2010

The Quest Begins

As our hierarchy of needs is fulfilled, we develop self awareness and choice of who we are. Instead of finding blame and excuses for our situation, we can look for the best response to better ourselves. Life is full of choices. We can choose happiness. Accepting and understanding this concept is crucial before moving on with our growth as a person. This is where the journey begins.

Embarking on the quest for enlightenment is a conscious choice. The path is riddled with obstacles. Changing obstacles into opportunities is a matter of perspective. Our perception creates our reality. Greater perspective is one reward for choosing to elevate our existence. As we elevate ourselves and gain perspective, we are better able to create opportunity from obstacles. Our reality becomes an escalating spiral circle of ever improving circumstances. This cycle begins with choice.

Once we choose this journey, it makes sense to take inventory of our available resources to assist us. Sailors have always relied on many tools for a successful voyage. Engineering vessels is an ancient craft. Long before physics were understood, heavy ships were built to stay afloat in treacherous waters. Sails and oars were used for propulsion. They harnessed the wind, a powerful force of nature, to move them. They would navigate using sextants to determine their coordinates from celestial bodies. They used the stars themselves as mile markers. They had almanacs and maps recorded from previous travels. They had ships full of men they counted on for support. They learned from experience to follow their own instincts.

For the voyage of life we are provided all the tools needed to be self actualized. People come into our lives to guide and support us through different legs of our trip. Free will, the power of choice, engages the laws of attraction to draw into our lives that which we create in our mind and our higher consciousness. Synchronicity opens doors to new revelations. We are all born with instincts to protect us. Intuition is not learned. It is our natural connection to the world around us. As we develop our physical senses, we lose our connection to this powerful gift. The source connects us to all things and fulfills all our needs. Mastering the use of these tools enriches our experience and accelerates our trek.

Knowing that I am indeed a spirit in a human shell, and that I have free will to go in any direction I wish, where do I go from here? What is my ultimate destination? I want to elevate myself. I want to be closer to God, whatever God may be. All That Is, The Universal Power; the name we give it is irrelevant. This is not a religious concept. To me, it is philosophical. I want to be as close to The Source as I can, while still in my human shell. How do I get there? So many religions and philosophies offer different routes. Many contradict each other. Which path sould I take?


When cruising down life's highway,
No matter where you want to go,
There are many routes to get there,
Some you may not know.

In choosing a path to follow,
Many factors will help you to decide,
Whether you are in a hurry
Or just going for the ride.

Many maps will be shown to you
Of different routes to choose.
Once on the road, you must decide
Which ones you will use.

Plot your course ahead of time
But do not fear a change of mind.
Maps are simply guides
Of routes others have chosen to find.

Much of lifes greatest scenery
Is off the beaten path.
Often roads are missed
When driven by too fast.

The path to your destiny,
just perhaps,
may be on a detour
and not on any maps.

Body, mind and spirit

This painting depicts an eye on the side of a pyramid, surrounded by an electrically charged sphere. It represents the three aspects of man; body, mind and spirit.

The gold pyramid is physical and solid. It represents the body. Gold symbolizes material value and worth. Pyramids are considered one of the most durable structures on Earth. It is seven levels high, one for each of the seven major chakras. Chakras are energy centers of the body.
Chi energy travels through these chakras. Each chakra is associated with its own color and purpose. The seventh is the base or root chakra. Located near the sacrum, it keeps us grounded. It is red. The sixth is the spleen chakra. Located near the naval, it is the power chakra of the lower body; the physical/emotional self. It is orange. The fifth is the solar plexis chakra. Located near the base of the breast bone, it is responsible for human emotion and ego. It is yellow. The fourth is the heart chakra. Located at the heart, it is the love chakra. It is green. Separating the upper and lower body, it brings balance. It is also the three fold flame, Love, Wisdom and Power. This chakra can be used for healing. The third is the throat chakra. Located near the Adam's apple, it is the communication chakra. It is blue. It is the power chakra for the upper body, the mental/spiritual self. The second, is the third eye chakra. Located in the center of the forehead, it is associated with wisdom. It is indigo or dark purple. The first is the crown chakra. Located at the top of the head, it is our connection to the higher self. It is violet.

The eye represents the mind. It is the door between body and soul. Like the eye, the mind works best when open. In the mind's eye, all thoughts and emotions are created. Our mind, just as our other senses, allows us to observe others and our selves. It also controls the body. Imagining our body as a vehicle, our mind is the driver. It determines the condition of our body and in which direction it will travel. It is in our mind where all work toward enlightenment or spiritual development begins. Until we understand this concept, no further improvement can be made of body or mind.

The sphere represents the spirit that powers the body and mind. It is the Higher Self. It is pure energy. The soul has consciously manifest itself in the mind and body for the purpose of the human experience. Understanding and developing our connection to our higher self is a vital process in discovering and fulfilling our purpose.

Each of our three parts depends on the other two. It is a symbiotic relationship. When all three forms of self are in tune, each will perform optimally. Self improvement requires work on all three levels.