Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Hope for a Brighter Day

In my blog titled, 'Tolerance', I included a poem, 'The Darkest Hours'. I wrote it while my mother was going through chemotherapy almost 20 years ago. After reading it, she asked me to write about the dawn that follows the darkness. The possibility of a bright new day helped her through her darkness. Tolerance is a culmination of faith, acceptance and forgiveness. These strengths, coupled with hope, led my mother through a very difficult time. Life, filled with love, has been her reward.

We all go through difficult times. When we make it through, it is important to look back and learn from our experience. It is also important to look ahead and see how we can grow from the obstacles we have conquered. Appreciating our achievments, reminds us of our potential. Every new day offers opportunities to actualize our potential. It is up to us to make the most of each new day.

Rise and Shine

Declaring war,
Dawn attacks the dying night.
Crawling over the horizon
Comes the army of growing light.

As trumpets sound,
From darkness you awake,
To find the night’s been captured
And the day is yours to take.

Armed with strength and courage,
That night has given you,
You are prepared
To do what you must do.

It is time to rise and shine.
The day has now advanced.
While threatening your demise
It still offers you a chance.

To take the spoils of the day
You plot your battle plan
Calling on every ounce of wisdom
To make the best attack you can.

Striking out at what’s to come
Use all that you have learned.
With light now on your side,
Surely the tides have turned.

In dark of night,
You set your goals.
Your mental strength
Enriched your soul.

By light of day,
Work through life’s chores.
You’ve made it through the darkest hours
Now claim the day as yours!