Monday, February 1, 2010

Consciously Creating Our Future

The power of creation begins with thought. Sending thought into the universe is like placing an order for delivery. Good or bad, conscious or not, our thoughts will soon manifest and return to us. Speaking or writing or even speaking our thoughts adds priority to the order. Manifestation occurs more quickly. Taking action on our thoughts is like picking up the order ourselves. I can go on line and order a book to be mailed to me. I need to allw 2-4 weeks for delivery. For a few extra dollars, I can add the words 'Rush Delivery' and have it in a couple of days. Or, I can go to the bookstore and have it the same day. This is the difference between creating with thoughts, words or actions.

How much thought do we put into ordering food for delivery? First we think of what type of food we desire. Next, we choose a restaurant. Then we decide which meal. Finally, we decide if we want to pay a little extra and wait a little longer, or if we want to go pick it up ourselves. Do we use this same conscious effort with our choise of thoughts and words we use through out the day?
When I was younger, I told my step mother I was so ‘anxious’ to begin summer camp that I just couldn’t wait. She corrected me, explaining that anxious meant nervous, not excited. The word I was looking for was ‘eager’. I have been very conscious of the difference ever since. I hear other people misuse the word and it reminds me of that little lesson and a much bigger lesson I learned from it later. I no longer use the phrase ‘I can’t wait’ for anything. Instead I say ‘I am looking forward to’. ‘I can’t wait’ implies a lack of patience. Patience is a virtue I am improving within myself. I prefer to use the positive affirmation of ‘looking forward’ over the negative connotation of not having the ability to wait. 'Looking forward' implies a positive vision for the future.  I am taking the phrase ‘I can’t’ out of my vocabulary. Instead, I may say ‘I currently struggle with’ or ‘I am getting better at’. In the case of patience, I do not say, ‘I have a problem with patience’. I say, ‘I am improving my patience’. This simple change is an example of consciously changing my creative power of thoughts and words.

This same practice can be done with any negative thoughts. Some negative thoughts are more difficult to address. Negative thoughts often originate from judgment. Many of us are quick to judge others, either mentally or verbally. Learning to tolerate and respect people who believe and act differently begins by consciously exercising non-judgment. Training ourselves to recognize our similarities with others instead of our differences, builds an instant bond with them, instead of a barrier. This helps build new relationships. It also helps with internal growth, by recognizing in others what they might have to teach us about ourselves. Seeing every contact with another person as an opportunity to learn about ourselves is one way perspective can create growth from challenge.

It is easy to rationalize negative thoughts that are provoked by others. Although more challenging, learning not to be drawn into others’ negativity, is an opportunity to strengthen our own positive energy and demonstrate positive behavior to others. The simple exercise of recognizing negative thoughts or behaviors will lead to replacing them with positive ones.

Because we are a part of the whole, we influence it and vice versa. Just as our fingers are a part of our body, we are a part of the universe. If we cut our finger, it sends messages to the whole body for assistance. First, it sends an immediate message to the brain in the form of pain. This allows us to react to the situation to protect ourselves from further injury and to address the one sustained. While we are consciously caring for the wound with compression to stop the bleeding, our body’s internal response has already begun. Platelets in the blood begin clotting the area to reduce blood loss. Neurological inhibitors are produced to help with the pain. White blood cells rush to the area to fight bacteria. The different systems of our bodies, communicate chemically through the blood and electronically through the nervous system. All parts of the body work together. As humans, we communicate and interact with the world around us as an integral part of the system. Being conscious of what we choose to communicate empowers us to choose more wisely.