Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Self Discovery

Finding purpose begins with self discovery. To discover why we are here, first we need to better understand what we are. We are many things. We are a species, a race, a nationality and an individual. We are also more than things. Things are made of matter. We too are made of matter. Because we have consciousness, awareness of self, we believe we are more than matter. Matter is anything that has mass and occupies a volume. Albert Einstein's 'theory of relativity' led to many amazing discoveries, including the relationship between mass and energy. He explained that mass and energy are transmutable. We are familiar with the equation E=mc2. In physics, mass-energy equivalence is the concept that mass of a body is a measure of its energy content. All things are made of energy. Therefore, we are made of energy. Our physical bodies are made of energy. This is science. It is considered a scientific truth.

We are more than our physical bodies. Each individual is composed of three very unique components. We are body,mind and spirit. Not only is our flesh made of energy, in eastern philosophy, the human body as a whole is a system of energy known as chi. Chi energy plays a major role in our human existence. Everything from our physical health to our emotional well being is related to this energy. The cycle of giving and receiving energy is a part of everyday life. Sometimes this energy can be expressed as attention. When we give attention to someone, we are giving them energy. Depending on the type of attention we are giving, the energy can be positive or negative. Our physical bodies need energy from food, water and oxygen. Our spirit bodies also need energy. Most people struggle to obtain energy from others.

Receiving attention from others can be accomplished in many ways. From childhood, we learn to attract attention through trial and error. When a child learns to use the toilet, he is praised. This positive energy feels good. When he associates the joy of being praised with the act of using the toilet, the act is reinforced. If he is not praised for using the toilet, there is no motivation to do so. If the only attention he receives is the disappointment or punishment of not using the toilet, than that energy is what he learns to attract. Positive energy is preferred. In its absence, negative energy is accepted. As long as there is a source of positive energy available, the negative source will be avoided. If the negative energy is the only energy available, behavioral patterns are developed to receive this energy instead. The method used to receive energy as a child becomes the primary way of satisfying our need throughout life.

As we develop, we find other ways of getting energy. The universe is filled with limitless energy that we can tap into. By learning to connect with this energy, we can become self sufficient and do not need to compete with others for their energy. When we do not depend on energy from others, we can become a source to share. This sharing can bring great joy.

What ways can you think of that people use to get energy/attention from others?

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