Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Advice by Example

I have been recording my experiences, in the form of poetry, since I was 13 years old. Writing helps me understand my feelings about my different experiences. Writing down my feelings allows me to organize, and express my thoughts. It seems to be a positive way of venting my powerful emotions. Re-reading my own words allows me to review my experiences from an outside perspective. I am able to detach myself from my situation, so I can offer myself guidance. It is always easier to advise someone of a situation in which we are not involved. When we find ourselves in the same situation, do we follow our own advice?

Advise by Example

All the answers live within us,
But we have been taught
Not to look for answers there.

Without conscious thought,
We search in others,
To see our own reflection.

We can see, though them,
The faults in need of correction
To improve ourselves.

Unaware we are looking in a mirror,
It is easy to share invaluable advice
And never know all its worth to us.

Of all we have offered,
How often do we accept and use
All that we have given?

Little advice is worth more,
In our own lives,
Than that which we give away.

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